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NEW - two brand new PDFs! A History of the White Rock and a piece about the Rock Fair. These will soon be incorporated into the main website, and a refurb is imminent so watch this space!
GALLERIES - including Steve's visit to the pier as it was (before renovation works began), a George Woods big gallery and pictures of George Street before pedestrianization ... CLICK HERE
Click the image (left) to see the larger version - the painted, signwritten frontage of Adams and Jarrett as it was when Robert Tressell was working for them. Did they use their foremost sign painter to achieve this wonderful look?

The Hastings Chronicle

Welcome to the Hastings Chronicle. If you want to find out more about the history of the town that gave its name to one of the world’s most famous battles, then this is the starting point ... and here you could also help rewrite history by sending us emails – just as King Harold is above!

The Hastings Chronicle is a primary database, a source of original information, much of which has not been available to the public before. It is being constantly updated and improved by the editor (Steve Peak), the website manager (Andrew 'Giddykipper' Walker) and you, the reader. If you know of some important events that have been left out, then you can send them to us – and change the course of history! As Oscar Wilde said, “The one duty we owe to history is to rewrite it”.

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