Architect Hangs Himself

Well-known local architect William Skiller committed suicide by hanging himself from his bedroom door. He was found dead at his residence, Rother House, 7 Quarry Crescent, on Saturday 26 October. He was 61 or 62 and married. He had been an architect since the 1860s, in the business Jeffery and Skiller. Their designs included St Pauls School in Bohemia Road (built 1870), Rock’s Carriage Works at White Rock (1872), Emmanuel Church in Priory Road (1873), Hastings Grammar School (1882/3) and Tower Road School (1896). At the inquest on 28 October in the Langham Hotel, his friend Herbert Young, a solicitor, said Skiller was “terribly depressed” a few days before death. His doctor agreed, and thought that to a “certain extent his mind was unhinged”. The jury decided he was of “unsound mind”.