Bad Work Prospects

There was talk of ugly predictions for the prospects of the local working classes during the coming winter, with “visions of relief funds and soup kitchens”. The News said many artisans were out of work, with “painters, as usual, being the chief sufferers”. It hoped that there would be an early start on the 100-plus houses on the Halton House Estate, that the tram work could start soon and that the development of Bexhill would be resumed. A fortnight later, the News of 15 November reported that there were already signs of distress amongst the labouring people of Ore. Last winter between eleven and twelve thousand dinners were given to poor children attending Ore Board Schools. The News of 20 December said that “in some quarters amongst our working classes there is unusual distress. Many respectable working-men, who are good tradesmen, … are obliged to spend their time in the fruitless toil of looking for that which cannot be found. … Amongst labourers the lack of work is also severely felt.” The Ore Penny Dinners Fund was feeding several hundred little ones a day.