East Well

The East Well water spring in Rock-a-Nore Road had been completed, Hastings Council was informed. It was funded from the surplus collected following the burning down of 20 net shops in 1846, and was the only free fresh water in the Old Town.

Royal Victoria Hotel

Start of a three-month stay by Louis Phillipe, ex-King of France, at the [Royal] Victoria Hotel. He was in exile after escaping from the 1848 French revolution in a fishing boat. In addition, the Queen of Belgium arrived on June 29, remaining until July 20.


Hastings Council decided that the Lower Lighthouse, close to the Cutter pub, which was nearly burnt through, should be rebuilt like the Upper Lighthouse, which was near the Caves entrance.

Gas Monopoly

The News published a letter complaining about the gas monopoly in the town, resulting in consumers paying nearly twice as much as in other towns for “an article miserably bad in quality”. The News had two letters on the issue on 14 December, and on 28 December carried an editorial.