The Cyril and Lilian Bishop
1940 June 5. Return from Dunkirk - 1 small

The Hastings lifeboat for 19 years, from 29 April 1931 until 19 March 1950, the Cyril and Lilian Bishop saved at least 34 lives from 1931-50, and took part in the Dunkirk evacuation May/June 1940, possibly saving hundreds more lives [more]

A History of White Rock
When William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, the town of Hastings was almost certainly on a headland now known as White Rock [more]

The Rock Fair

The fair was described as a “grievous moral pest” by a letter-writer in the Hastings News of 27 July 1849. “Efforts have been made, both private and magisterial, to abolish it, and yet it lives.” [more]

The Hastings Net Shops

The Hastings net shops are unique – tall thin wooden sheds, up to three stories high, painted black, standing in neat rows on the beach [more]

Catherine Cookson: Her Life (and Husband)

Catherine Cookson, best-read author, was once the manager of the laundry in the Hastings workhouse [more]

Country Park & Chronicle
The Country Park from groyne No 1

A history of Hastings Country Park in two parts [Main] [Chronicle]

Hastings Coastguards – and Smugglers & Chronicle
“Watch the wall, my darling”

A History of HM Coastguard in the Hastings Area in two parts [Main] [Chronicle]

Hastings Pier
01 Hastings Pier c1900

Hastings Pier was proclaimed to be the ‘peerless pier’ when it opened in 1872 [more]

Robert Tressell – a new historical biography
07 Gate

1 – Tressell and Mugsborough
2 – Tressell – Life and Times
3 – Tressell – Fact and Fiction
4 – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – a new introduction

The Old Town Workhouses

One of the Old Town’s most famous houses was once a workhouse for the poor [more]

Poor valley

Ore Valley is now undergoing major development … [more]

Rock-a-Nore = Eco-Nore

Rock-a-Nore was the place to be in Hastings in the late 19th century [more]

Rock-a-Nore: Key Events

The key events in the modern history of Rock-a-Nore [more]

St Leonards Pier
6 - The 1920s
The success of Hastings Pier in the 1870s and ‘80s prompted the construction of a rival in St Leonards [more]

The Turnpike Roads

Hastings and St Leonards are in the transport history books [more]

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