Hastings Pier – Key Dates
1595-97 – A large and expensive harbour, known as the ‘pier’, was built of in front of Hastings Old Town

The History of the Hastings Fishermen’s Museum
The Hastings Fishermen’s Museum was built in 1853/4 as a church, which closed in 1939 and was converted into the Fishermen’s Museum in 1956

1940 June 5. Return from Dunkirk - 1 small
The Cyril and Lilian Bishop
The Hastings lifeboat for 19 years, from 29 April 1931 until 19 March 1950, the Cyril and Lilian Bishop saved at least 34 lives from 1931-50, and took part in the Dunkirk evacuation May/June 1940, possibly saving hundreds more lives
A History of White Rock
When William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, the town of Hastings was almost certainly on a headland now known as White Rock
The Rock Fair
The fair was described as a “grievous moral pest” by a letter-writer in the Hastings News of 27 July 1849. “Efforts have been made, both private and magisterial, to abolish it, and yet it lives.”
The Hastings Net Shops
The Hastings net shops are unique – tall thin wooden sheds, up to three stories high, painted black, standing in neat rows on the beach
Catherine Cookson: Her Life (and Husband)

Catherine Cookson, best-read author, was once the manager of the laundry in the Hastings workhouse
The Country Park from groyne No 1
Country Park & Chronicle
A history of Hastings Country Park in two parts
[Main] [Chronicle]
“Watch the wall, my darling”
Hastings Coastguards – and Smugglers & Chronicle
A history of HM Coastguard in the Hastings Area in two parts
[Main] [Chronicle]
01 Hastings Pier c1900
Hastings Pier
Hastings Pier was proclaimed to be the ‘peerless pier’ when it opened in 1872
07 Gate
Robert Tressell – a new historical biography

1 – Tressell and Mugsborough
2 – Tressell – Life and Times
3 – Tressell – Fact and Fiction
4 – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists – a new introduction
The Old Town Workhouses

One of the Old Town’s most famous houses was once a workhouse for the poor
Poor Valley

Ore Valley is now undergoing major development …
Rock-a-Nore = Eco-Nore

Rock-a-Nore was the place to be in Hastings in the late 19th century
6 - The 1920s
St Leonards Pier
The success of Hastings Pier in the 1870s and ‘80s prompted the construction of a rival in St Leonards
The Turnpike Roads
Hastings and St Leonards are in the transport history books


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